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 I was born in Gdansk, Poland. My first days that I still remember are from Pilec, Poland when I was little boy and where I grew up and attended my first few years of grade school. We had moved to Lapy, Poland when I was starting grade 5.  At the end of grade 8 the entire family packed up and immigrated to Niagara Falls, On, Canada where I attended high school called Niagara Falls Collegiate Vocational Institute. Everyone just called it NFCVI or just CI for short.

I had graduated from Radio Collage of Canada with Electronics Engineering degree in Sept 1987  and when my working career had started.

job no 0
Let's not count this one as it was only for about 2 or 3 weeks

1st job
Adtec Industries   1987-1989
Alarm and CCTV (closed circuit TV) installer and maintenance technician

2nd job            1989-1994
Legacy Storage Systems Inc.

3rd job              1994-2006
Keating Technologies Inc.

4th job               2006-2008
On The Go Technologies
 Consultant to Cara Foods    2006-2007

5th job              2008-2010-June 7
HCQ Technologies

6th Job              2010.June.10  2015.Jun.15
Jack Ganz Consulting

7th Job              2015.Jun.16  2016 Aug31
My Blue Umbrella

8th job
OpenText           2016 Dec 5  - current


Random stuff I do and most of it is free too



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